Depression and Anxiety

All of us feel some depression at times and anxiety course through our bodies. Anxiety is actually the wheel that drives therapy but it doesn't mean that it feels okay. I can help you work through your anxiety, uncover what may be behind it but most importantly, can use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Meditation and Mindfulness, and other techniques that can help you deal you with it right away. More and more people report they feel some measure of Social Anxiety. Even though you may look like an extrovert and comfortable, relationships both deep and less significant can cause stress. Social Anxiety is just that, anxiety caused by uncomfortable feelings that come up in social situations. I can also help you work through this common discomfort. How can you tell when depression is more than run-of-the-mill sadness or unhappiness due to situations in your life? I believe that it doesn't really matter. Feeling bad feels bad. Often the process of unloading, analyzing, with a caring therapist can help. If medication is needed, I can refer you to a good psychiatrist or pharmacologist. Research shows that even if you are on meds, progress is much quicker, with therapy. Working with individuals who feel depressed and or anxious is a specialty of mine. I invite you to come in and see if we can help you feel better. And to remind you, I take clients on a sliding scale. Things get better when shared.

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