Estrangement and Restoring Family Connections

Family Estrangement

Families breed intense relationships that are increasingly leading to ruptures and emotional cut-off.  Teens and adult children must negotiate the delicate balance between finding themselves as individuals and remaining connected to their families.  This is especially common among children of divorce. Unfortunately, this journey of individuation may take some wrong turns, causing misunderstandings, hurt, and pain for all involved. Trained by Dr. Joshua Coleman of Oakland, CA, a foremost expert in helping family members successfully deal with estrangement, I bring a wealth of knowledge, compassion, and concrete tools to help  family members navigate the tricky waters of dealing with estranged family members and to help find a measure of peace and healing in their lives. 

Adult Children and their Parent wishing to rebuild their relationship 

I am also trained in the Restoring Family Connections* program, developed by Dr. Amy J. L. Baker, renowned parental alienation researcher, expert, author, and coach in parental alienation.

This program was developed to help targeted parents and their adult children work through their alienation experience and build a healthy relationship.


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