Religious Conflicts

Help for Religious Conflicts
Growing religiously can be an area that brings up conflicting feelings. Change may render us feeling different from our family, friends, and from the self we've grown used to. Religious change does not often follow a straight line. We may feel fraudulent, uneducated, lost or confused during the process.
I can help both adult and teen members of families who are conflicted about how they feel religiously or just want to sort out the changes they are making or even just thinking about.
Choosing a Religious or Secular School for your child.
One of the most important, and difficult, choices we make as parents are is to decide what school to choose for our precious child.
Should it be religious, dual language, or parochial? What is right for your family members or friends may not be right for you and your family .

Choosing a school when your child has Special Needs.
Special needs refers to a wide range of issues, including learning differences, acting out behaviors, drug or alcohol problesms, and mental health struggles. Special needs children require even more thought and potentially conflicting feelings about the type of school to send them to.

Coming to terms with your level of observance.
We feel different than who we used to be religiously. We felt different but now feel the old way. We don't want to commit for fear of what is expected of us. These can be confusing and difficult times and someone who understands and can make referrals when necessary or process our feelings is a valuable resource along the journey of life.


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